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ColorGenetics® is a new upcoming and continuously developing method, which came into existence through the junction of two different disciplines: the philosophy of colours – based on the complex system of Aura-Soma®, considered to be the most profound and extensive language of colours; and the morphogenetic field – of what activity became well known by Bert Hellinger’s significant work: Family and System Constellation.

During the ColorGenetics® constellation process we begin to work with a brand new view of a given situation to unfold its possibly hidden meaning. Our patients choose different colours, and then we put all these colours into the morphogenetic field. The person takes his/her position into the prepared field, and as one moves and feels there, s/he is getting able to recognize a much larger scale, a much wider perspective of his/her own position in that given situation. One is getting able to comprehend such qualities, which connect to a deeper and multiple meaning of those colours, what can show such imprints from the past, which are mostly unattainable for our daily consciousness. In this wider perspective all those correspondence of cause and effects, and also the solutions can be visible, just as the ways towards the solution.

When we started to study this method, there were two thoughts, which have led us. One of them was the fact that whenever a person chooses colours that always points at his/her inner reality, a possibly hidden state of mind as one really feels.
We can talk about these colours, and one’s feelings and thoughts connected to or generated by the chosen colours during a usual Aura-Soma consultancy. We can analyze the situation as it really is, and also the conflict and the challenge in it, so as its present, and we can find the way in which the dissolution can change one’s life. 
When someone comes for a family- or system constellation process, one brings a given issue, though many times it is appreciable that the root of the problem is somewhere else. The therapist must see and feel those circumstances hidden in the depth, otherwise only superficial and partial solution can be found. According to our experiences a usual family or system constellation highlights only the told and actually appearing problem. A group-resonance constellation can point out many different aspects, in which the deeper correspondences can be visible more easily.

ColorGenetics® is the method, which is not based on subjective impressions of a therapist, but clearly shows those functional mechanisms of deep imprints and patterns, which can sidetrack us from our own way many times. An overlook of ColorGenetics® shows what is the main point in our personal life or in our personal problem. As we work in the morphogenetic field, we create changes in the personal, as well as in the collective level of our patterns, and this is how we can get connected again to our original blueprint of life. To sum up: The patient choose, the bottles of colours talk, the morphogenetic field shows, and we can clearly see, what is the most important deep in our soul at the actual moment. 

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“Úgy is eltölthetjük az életünket, hogy a világ mondja meg nekünk, kik is vagyunk. Épeszűek vagy őrültek. Szentek vagy szexmániások. Hősök vagy áldozatok. Rábízhatjuk a történelemre, hogy eldöntse helyettünk, jók voltunk vagy rosszak. Engedhetjük, hogy a múltunk határozza meg jövőnket. Vagy akár magunk is dönthetünk.”